COMMUNITY WORKS green ribbon for "thanks" to Los Alamos firefighters




Brady won this wonderful award from the Del Norte chapter of the American Red Cross.  

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Brady has chosen the local Red Cross office as his pro-bono client. On July 5, 2000 he was recognised at a banquet, sponsored by the local Red Cross office, at Fuller Lodge to thank those who helped during the Cerro Grande fire :



LOS ALAMOS "CERRO GRANDE" FIRE RELIEF EFFORTClick here for larger image. - summer 2000

Cerro Grande = May 2000

 PINON PC accepted donations of computers, printers and software to be given to to the fire survivors as a permenant or temporary replacement for their lost machines. Microsoft was offering lots of software support so if we could get Pentium class computer systems, these people would be back on their feet quicker! PINON PC is able to give tax-donation receipts thru the local Computers for Kids & Kiwanis organizations.

COMPAQ has generously donated 11 new computers!

Click here for MAPS of the fire's damage in and around the townsite. WARNING: these graphics are large enough to be legible, but small enough to (hopefully) be viewable. Email me if the files are too large to be retrieved and I will print them for you.

Click on this for a webshots  photo album of our fire photos, still photos. We have video too but not on the web. These were taken on 5/7, 5/10 during the evacuation, and right after we returned to town.